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Melissa M. Bowden

I have been exercising pretty much all of my life. I've done spinning, yoga, pilates, boxing, kickboxing, swimming, running, weightlifting, and one-on-one personal training. Nothing has kept my interest or worked better than SWATT. I feel stronger, faster, leaner, healthier and more enthusiastic about working out than I ever have.

The combination of an indoor/outdoor group fitness program is amazing and doing this kind of workout on your own would be impossible. Exercising with a group is fun and a great way to push yourself harder by having healthy competition. Exercising at 6AM on the beach, in the canyons, in downtown LA or at UCLA is rewarding on 2 levels: 1) you get to see the city at dawn, which is beautiful and peaceful and 2) doing something great for YOURSELF is the BEST way to start the day. The gym workouts are also awesome -- I finally learned the right techniques to get the results I've always wanted.

I am so happy that I found SWATT to provide me with this fantastic experience every morning. People wonder how I can get up so early to work out for 90 minutes. I can't imagine NOT waking up to SWATT. My day does not feel complete without it. Thanks so much Gary and Val -- you guys are awesome!!!