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SWATT FITNESS CAMP is a three-week, five-day a week fitness program that is designed to increase in intensity as your strength improves.

Rise through the ranks to achieve your ultimate fitness goals. There's a challenge for every level!

Beginners Level ~ Recon Squad
Most people start at this level. It's designed for people who are out of shape or for those who are active but looking to build muscle and improve cardiovascular endurance. Recon Squad graduates are able to perform better in all physical activities.
Intermediate Level ~ Sniper Squad
A step up from the Recon Squad, this is the starting point for some high-fitness individuals. Sniper Squad offers more challenging workouts to further improve overall fitness through muscular and cardiovascular training.
Advanced Level ~ Bomb Squad
This is the ultimate challenge for clients who have graduated from the Sniper Squad. Bomb Squad is the most intensified workout in Los Angeles. Training at this level transforms even the most fit individuals into highly competitive amateur athletes.