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BELIEVER'S Body & Soul BOOT CAMP | 40 Days in PARIS | 

Daily Devotional  | Base to Bomb Body Workouts in Parc de La Courneuve, Paris

 Boot Camp Friday's  |  

 Believer's Body & Soul Boot Camp 40 Day Fast: Make the Connection! "Be Amazed How Far Your Faith Can Take You..."  

'Interactive workbook' Available on Amazon!  


SWATT FITNESS CAMP Hollywood is closed since 2004.  The program was a three-week, five-day a week fitness program that is designed to increase in intensity as your strength improves.  Every 15 minutes a new level begins, from a beginner to advance group exercise. "Base to Bomb". We vary our workouts by continuously developing new routines and by making the most of our local landscape for a challenging and fulfilling exercise experience.




Our outdoor workouts include a variety of specialized R.W.E. (resistance without equipment) techniques as well as push-ups, pull-ups, squats, lunges and other exercises that are guaranteed to get results. Our workouts are designed to strengthen and lengthen each muscle while increasing the body's metabolic rate, resulting in optimum fat loss. Certified personal trainers keep things lively by incorporating running drills to increase and improve cardiovascular endurance.

As native Californians, we know where the best spots are to enjoy a vigorous and picturesque morning workout! Follow us and we'll take you through Malibu, the Santa Monica canyons and ocean-front parks as well as the Hollywood Hills.

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